Our Software


Your benefit: First-time networking of older machines as well as new ones, with no need for expensive interfaces.

„Opdra“, the software that reads data from the screen, so no interface is needed. The case study with a Franka Emika cobot shows how it works (note: not only is an interface not needed, but the robot is also controlled – „if value = x, then iO part“ etc., i.e. no control is needed either):

The MRK-Blog.de, the leading robotics blog, shows how scripts etc. can be imported into the input mask for easy handling (link).

New: In more and more applications, we can do without a camera. Instead, the data is tapped by means of a cable. This is possible if we can install a program required for this purpose.

An application, quickly programmed (2 h), for a Universal Robots. At the robot days of Jugard + Künstner we were allowed to show how operating lights are detected:

You are welcome to test the software. The test is free of charge and limited in time. You only need a camera (also USB camera) and a little time (about 2 h). We can support you via Teamviewer if desired.
„Opdra“ can be used for continuous monitoring, to let a robot work in sequence and much more (without robot). Our FAQ answers many questions.

The basic idea of „Opdra“ – robot reads and operates machine using algorithms or AI – can be transferred to numerous industries and applications. If you see potential, please just contact us. With us, for example, AMR can also read screens, etc. Our software is compatible with probably every robot manufacturer.

Let your imagination run wild. For example, we have an application where Opdra is to read measurement results and fill a wide press brake. The read measurement results influence the bending angle and press pressure of the press. These invididual values must be communicated to the press. This will finally be done via an inexpensive mini-robot, something like the one shown in this video. I.e., with little money, automation can be done effectively – without major rebuilds. Opdra checks the input for typing errors.


At automatica 2022, we showed the automation of a kitchen machine together with Neura Robotics. A bit of future music, but we wanted to show what is feasible.

Case study: Person sends mail from the road to „Amazon Echo“ (shown below right): Arrive at 16:30 and want to eat fruit sorbet. Robot sees this via Opdra, searches for the recipe in the food processor (modern machines have stored recipes) and selects it. Thereupon the food processor shows what is needed. The robot gets the ingredients and operates the machine.

The following photo shows the black camera below the Neura Robotics logo and the display of the machine. The display is currently being read.